Suya Recipe

Our mouths are watering at the thought of tucking into this Nigerian street food favourite to be enjoyed while bonding with family and friends.  Suya also makes for an amazing canape to be served at parties, receptions and weddings.  A sick friend/relative would equally thank you if you went to visit them with a plateful […]

October 26, 2020 admin

Fried Rice Recipe

Some combinations are just classic for a very good reason. We can often be found feasting on chicken, fried rice and dodo for Sunday lunch. Jollof rice might get all the deserved glory, but junior cousin Nigerian Fried Rice is also a winner in the tastes delicious race. Do you agree? ⁠ To Jollof or […]

October 20, 2020 admin

Coconut Rice Recipe

Nigerian food, as traditionally served in restaurants and social gatherings tends to be limited to fried rice and the superior jollof rice.  While we love and appreciate our better known rice dishes, they sometimes become tiresome by virtue of their repeated appearances.  Us human beings tend to shop for and cook a limited number of […]

October 17, 2020 admin

Egusi Seeds

Egusi seeds, a staple of West African cuisine, are a veritable superfood packed with nutritional benefits including being rich in protein, healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties. Our egusi is sourced from organic farms with the melon seeds picked by hand for a cleaner finished product, and sun dried naturally. As we want all products to […]

October 6, 2020 admin

Moin Moin Recipe

Today’s easy recipe is for mouth-watering Moin Moin. Made with cow peas/black eye peas blended and steamed, traditionally in banana leaves. We love making this protein packed dish as a satisfying and filling meal. Order your authentic ingredients to make Moin Moin here ▶️ Ingredients 225g Cowpeas (black eyed beans) 28ml Palm Oil (warmed) 1 […]

October 1, 2020 admin

Dried Periwinkles – Yam Pottage Recipe

🌟NEW PRODUCT ALERT 🌟⁠⁠We are extremely excited to announce that yet another new product has been added to our line up – dried periwinkles. After extensive searching to find the best quality, we have ethically sourced directly from Rivers State, Nigeria.⁠⁠It would normally be really difficult to access periwinkles as they are highly perishable.  With […]

September 22, 2020 admin

Student Care Package

For those of you heading to University this Autumn, we are fully aware that this year is totally different, so we are wishing you all the very best for the year ahead. After having been in lockdown for the best part of five months, we know that you have all probably enjoyed your family’s solid […]

September 20, 2020 admin

Ogbono Soup Recipe

Freshness is our obsession here at African Plate, which is one of the reasons we keep our ogbono whole. Though it adds an extra step to cooking to grind the ogbono seeds, we think it’s worth it.⁠⁠When cooked they produce the original ‘draw’ soup which aids in eating ‘swallow’ due to its viscous nature. Young […]

September 15, 2020 admin

Akara Recipe

Below you will find an easy recipe for akara AKA Nigerian black bean fritters. Quick, easy and tasty! This plant-based dish is eaten all over West Africa as well as in the Bahia region of Brazil – considered the Yoruba capital of the Americas – the same dish is made and called Acaraje.  Ghanians call […]

September 9, 2020 admin

Efo Riro Soup Recipe

We know you love your West African delicacies and so today we are sharing our scrumptious Efo Riro soup recipe. This good looking, mouth-watering, tasty, vegetable packed soup is delicious and nutritious (think bell peppers packed with Vitamins A and C, palm oil with its Vitamin E and locust beans stuffed with lipids) and goes […]

August 31, 2020 admin


Africa is such a wonderful place with so many intense and rich flavours. It is not uncommon to find unique flavours emerge from each region to ultimately add something a bit different to the cooking pot that is Africa as a whole. West Africans have an incredibly special type of ingredient for some of the […]

August 25, 2020 admin

World Jollof Rice Day 2020!

Hands up if you’re excited about #WorldJollofRiceDay coming up this Saturday 🙋‍♀️ (So by day we mean week, year and life 😂) To get you ready we’re sharing our easy #jollofrice recipe on Instagram so that you can cook up West Africa’s most popular dish. The debate might rage on about who makes the best. Try our Jollof Spice […]

August 21, 2020 admin


Our special agoyin spice blend for making one of West Africa’s most nutritious and delicious street foods. Originating in Benin and Togo and now a much loved favourite in Nigeria, where you’ll often hear the famous shout of ‘Agoyin La!: Our mix will help you recreate this beloved bean dish. Order your authentic agoyin blend […]

August 19, 2020 admin


Our premium dry suya spice rub can be used on beef, lamb, goat, fish, as well as mushrooms and other vegetables as it is made with vegan-friendly ingredients.⁠⁠Give it a try and tantalise your tastebuds 😋⁠⁠Order here ⬇️⁠

August 19, 2020 admin


We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but the summer of 2020 has been kind to us in terms of weather! Our hand blended Barbeque Mix bursting with fresh spices makes it easy for you to quickly throw together a truly sizzling meal. Grab a packet here:

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