Meat Pepper Soup Recipe

We promised you the recipe and here it is! The alternative African flu jab! Pepper soup – the tasty, mouth-watering nasal cleanser.  When all you need is a simple meal with delicate proteins and packed with important vitamins – this is not a hard choice. ENJOY!

Our authentic Pepper Soup Spice contains ginger (zingiber officinale).  The Yoruba call ginger atale and in Nigeria generally it is known as chittafo.  This root is used fresh or dried and ground for spice.  It is also used medicinally for catarrh, toothaches and neuralgia.

In addition to our premium Pepper Soup Spice mix, this recipe contains two other types of pepper.  African Plate Cameroon Pepper (which is not for the faint hearted!) and ata rodo/scotch bonnet (atanla).  This is a medium sized pepper which can be red, green, yellow (depending on the specie).  It is normally used in its fresh state and provides flavour, hotness and thickens the dish which it is used for.

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½ kg of Assorted meat (beef, goat, shaki, ponmo, liver)

1 teaspoon African Plate Cameroon Pepper

1 medium Onion

2 medium Tomatoes

2 Scotch bonnets

1 handful of Dried uziza leaves (basil/parsley leaves can be used instead)

1 teaspoon Salt

10g African Plate Crayfish (ground)

1 tablespoon of African Plate Pepper Soup Spice

For a non-meat alternative, the meat could be substituted for dried mushrooms.


  1. Cut the meat into chunks.  Place in a pot and add the pepper, salt and water to cover.
  2. Boil on a low heat until the meat is nearly cooked.
  3. Add extra water to cover the meat again.
  4. Add the ground onion, tomato and scotch bonnet.  Add the uziza leaves, pepper soup spice and the ground crayfish.
  5. Boil for another 30 minutes.
  6. Serve hot with boiled yam.
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