About Us

Who we are

We are African Plate and we are dedicated to bringing you authentic, quality taste sensations.

Created with the mission of creating a one stop shop for your needs, our website serves you a range of beautifully presented and handpicked African ingredients and snacks. We love African food and we know you love it too, so we are here to offer a full-flavour experience from start to finish.

Dedicated to quality and with outstanding customer service, we love to provide excellent options all year round. Seasonal produce, snacks and other lovely products give you that wonderfully African feel and taste you’ve been looking for.

Why choose us?

Passion, dedication and a love of original African recipes make us a prime example of online produce done right. We hand select all of our products to ensure that you only receive the best quality, best tasting ingredients.

We cherish our relationships built with our valued customers just as much as we cherish our flawless quality standards and dedication to perfection.

We want all of our customers to be fully satisfied and our taste-centric values reflect our desire to ensure that each and every order you make leaves you longing for more.