Hand selected for quality and all-round yumminess; our products are specially chosen for you. Get a taste of Nigeria with our range of snacks, authentic spices and other ingredients; all genuine, high-quality Nigerian produce for a great price.

Product purity and transparency are our gold standard.

Enjoy delicious snacks, create traditional soups with and take advantage of the wide selection of spices to add to your delicious dishes.

What products do you stock?

With around 10-15 products on offer at any one time, we’ve chosen quality over quantity here at African Plate. High quality produce, spices, herbs and snacks that bring a taste of Nigeria direct to your door are what we do best.

Please note that the products we offer may change due to seasonal availability.

Our current product selection includes:


Dried Ewedu

Ami Ami Spice

Suya Spice

Dried Locust Bean

Coconut Poundo




Peppersoup Spice

Jollof Rice Spice

Fried Rice Spice

Agoyin Spice

Barbeque Spice