Why does your product line change?

The excellent quality foods we offer can often be seasonal, meaning that they aren’t available all year round. Our products can change based on seasonal availability.

Why do you only have a small number of products?

We’re glad you asked. At African Plate, we are focused on the unrivalled quality of the products we offer, as well as the taste. This means that we only offer a few products at a time, to ensure that you get the best possible quality all year round.

How do you choose which foods to offer?

Hand selected based on their quality and the taste sensation they offer, we choose which product to make available to our valued customers by taking the price, quality, availability, season and many other factors into consideration.

Is everything authentic?

Of course. We sell only authentic Nigerian ingredients and snacks, sourced from various regional farms.

What kind of products do you offer?

We have a range of native Nigerian ingredients and snacks, which can change based on season. Our ingredients range allows you to produce delicious original Nigerian recipes and our snacks give you a little bitesize taste of Africa.

Are your products fresh?

With the aim to provide you with the highest possible quality, we source the freshest products just for you and package them hygienically, ready to be delivered to your door.

You don’t have what I was looking for, can you get it?

We’re always happy to help when we can, so feel free to get in touch with our tribal specialist team who will try to help you source the product you are looking for.

How long does delivery take?

We take great pride in our packaging and in ensuring your products are delivered to you in tip top condition as quickly as possible. Please allow 3-5 days for standard delivery.