Coconut Poundo

The coconut (cocos nucifera) is the seed of the coconut palm.  Coconut is fairly rich in protein and oil.  Coconut meat is used as a snack or in combination with other foods as a light meal.  For example, in West African, fresh coconut  is served with soaked garri or roasted fresh corn.  The coconut milk extracted from the meat is used in baking and in rice dishes and curries. 

When purchasing coconuts, search for fresh ones which feel heavy and contain plenty of milk.  The shells should be intact – no cracks, and the eyes dry and free from mould.  Do not store for long periods, unless you plan to remove the meat and freeze or dry it, as coconuts are perishable.

Here is a super quick recipe for preparing coconut milk:  Finely grate the coconut meat on a grater or it can be blended after being cut into small pieces.  Pour a cup of boiling water over the coconut meat.  Let it stand for thirty minutes.  Strain in through a fine sieve.  Pour another cup of boiling water over the grated/blended meat and let it stand for another thirty minutes.  Strain again.  Your coconut milk is ready!

We get a lot of “what is coconut poundo?” questions. So today we are sharing all about this great healthy option. ⁠

Coconut Poundo is our all natural, low-carb swallow alternative to starchy staples like pounded yam and fufu. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with those delicious dishes but for those with diabetes or on low-carb, paleo, keto diets or just reducing their sugar intake, we wanted to offer an equally satisfying swallow that everyone can enjoy with their favourite soups.⁠

Our Coconut Poundo is made from finely ground fresh coconut that is sun dried to create a gluten-free coconut flour, rich in fibre and nutrients. ⁠

To make you simply add boiling water and stir until it binds. ⁠

Have you tried it?⁠

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