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All the things you need to know about chillies….

This blog is about a food staple that we all have in our pantries and kitchens. This article is dedicated to delicious, wonderful, flavoursome and fiery ‘Chillies.’

Chilli Peppers are so versatile, and they can be seen across a range of diverse cultures and cuisines from Pan Asian cooking to Caribbean dishes, Mexican cuisine and of course many beloved African delicacies. Chilli peppers often function as the base for many tasty meals and as a garnish in others. They are notoriously known to bring a kick to peoples cooking and sometimes watery eyes and runny noses too. Whether you live to eat spicy foods or whether you are someone who tends to shy away from the spicier side of life, we can all agree that Chillies are a much-needed necessity.

National Chilli Day is celebrated annually on the 24th and the 25th of February. It is a day where people celebrate and enjoy eating the Mexican dish ‘Chilli Con Carne’ but also celebrate the chillies that go into them as well. Let us start by looking at what chillies actually are. Chillies, chilli peppers and red chillies are all variations of the berry fruit that derives from the ‘Genus Capsicums’ plant. The chemical that makes Chillies hot and gives you that burning sensation in your mouth when you eat them is called ‘Capsaicin.’ Capsaicin is found in the glands of the white fleshy part of the chilli holding its seeds. This is also known as the Placenta. – so, if you are not a fan of too much heat/spice then be cautious of the seeds and the white flesh surrounding them!!

Chillies are the oldest cultivated crops in the Americas, and we have been eating them from before 7,500 BC which just emphasises why every culture appreciates the use of Chilli peppers in at least one of their dishes.

Around a 1/third of the world’s population eats hot peppers every day and this is because of the flavour that they bring to so many dishes, but also because they love the burn”.

(Are you the same? Let us know below in the comments below….)

As mentioned previously, there are loads of meals that incorporate the hot flavoursome berry. So, let us find out what tends to be people’s favourite spicy dishes.

10 Popular Spicy Foods:

  • Cau Cau from Peru
  • Kilishi from Nigeria
  • Sichuan Hot Pot from China
  • Vindaloo Curry from India
  • Pepper soup from Nigeria
  • Jerk Chicken from Jamaica
  • Cameroon Pepper from Nigeria
  • Pepper Fire Hot chicken from Nashville.
  • Spicy beef with basil and Chillies from Thailand.
  • Biltong from South Africa

These are just some of the spicy dishes that are enjoyed by people around the world …. Which one is your favourite?

We have gone through some of the popular spicy dishes that people enjoy, but what about the unpopular ones that people need to try?

Recently there has been a rise in peculiar, sweet and spicy desserts. And they are taking the world by storm. These include things like spicy watermelon which is made from a combination of watermelon, lime, chilli powder and cayenne pepper.

Another would be Chilli and Chocolate. There are a range of desserts and chocolate snacks that include an element of chilli, and it is loved by many.

What other weird chilli combinations might you try?

Here at African Plate, we incorporate chillies and spice into many of our snacks and spices, so you will definitely find something to enjoy.

Our Cameroon Pepper is one of our best sellers, so let me share with you why this is. Cameroon Peppers or ‘yellow Lantern’ chillies are specifically rich in antioxidants and fibres that help to promote good digestion. These hot peppers also have anti-inflammatory properties meaning that they help to ease marginal body pain. Cameroon peppers also consist of minerals like manganese, Iron, Potassium as well as the vitamins A, K and C. These minerals contribute to good cardiovascular health and good eye health with prolonged consumption. Eating these peppers will also ease the effects of nasal and chest congestion too.

It is fair to say that our Cameroon peppers do not just taste as good as they look, but it is also healthy for you too. Alongside this, our Cameroon peppers are versatile and can be used in many dishes from your cold potato salad to your hot pottage dishes.

We are wishing you a happy Chilli Day!! What spicy foods will you be having to mark the special occasion?

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Thank you for reading, love from African Plate x

(Written by Nayana Mena)

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