How to add a treat to your Easter tea…

By African Plate Spring has just begun and we are approaching an incredibly special, fun and flavourful time of year. This week’s blog is all about Easter, the memories that can be made and all the tasty FOOD that we should not miss out on. What is Easter Actually about? So now let us look […]

April 11, 2022 admin

Cooking and its impact on Mental Well-being:

Mental health and mental health concerns are part of a crisis that is sweeping the world by storm. Especially with the rise of international lockdowns and self-isolation that left many feeling alone. It is something that is becoming ever more common amongst society and something that is being spoken about and recognised by everyone both […]

March 18, 2022 admin

Give it up for the Women!

This is International Women’s Day!! What is international women’s day? You may be asking, ‘What is International Women’s Day all about?’ and why we at African Plate support it. Well, this blog is going to answer all your queries. International Women’s Day is an international global holiday that celebrates and commemorates the cultural, political and […]

March 7, 2022 admin

Chilli O’Clock

All the things you need to know about chillies…. This blog is about a food staple that we all have in our pantries and kitchens. This article is dedicated to delicious, wonderful, flavoursome and fiery ‘Chillies.’ Chilli Peppers are so versatile, and they can be seen across a range of diverse cultures and cuisines from […]

February 22, 2022 admin

Foods That Make their Way to the Heart!

Foods That Make their Way to the Heart! What is Valentine’s Day? There is a common saying that “Food is the way to the heart”, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the need for quality ingredients and romantic food is on the rise. In this blog we will be sharing all of the foods that […]

February 11, 2022 admin

At last, the secret to our Coconut Poundo is finally revealed!

Every culture and its people will have a carbohydrate staple that is immensely popular and common to eat as a side dish or even a main meal. Many of these are shared across nations, so you must be familiar with some of them. Foods like rice, pasta, oats, grains, lentils, potatoes and yams are all […]

January 28, 2022 admin

The Ins and Outs of a Plant-Based Diet

Introduction to a plant-based diet: We are still in the beginning stages of the year, in the month of January, and with this comes a lot of people making changes to their lives, routines and habits in order to improve for the better. A good example of this is the Veganuary movement which we have […]

January 14, 2022 admin

Happy Veganuary….

What is Veganuary: January is all about challenging yourself, trying new things and making positive changes in your own life. This is typically the time where people set out their goals and ‘New Year’s resolutions’ and begin putting them into practice. The ‘Veganuary’ movement is taking the world by storm. ‘Veganuary’ is an annual challenge […]

January 7, 2022 admin

All the food you will be wanting this Christmas

By Nayana Mena   Christmas and the festive period is a magical time for families young and old across the world. Regardless of race or background it is a time where people come together to reflect on the year just gone, share each other’s gratitude, enjoy each other’s company, spread joy and eat real good food!!   Here at African Plate […]

December 15, 2021 admin

Plantains (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of our ‘plantain information series’! To boil unpeeled green plantain, cut the plantain into equal lengths of about ten cm.  Wash and place them in a pot with enough cold water to cover.  Cook until soft.  Remove the skin and arrange on a serving dish.  Sprinkle with African Plate Cameroon Pepper […]

April 5, 2021 admin