At last, the secret to our Coconut Poundo is finally revealed!

Every culture and its people will have a carbohydrate staple that is immensely popular and common to eat as a side dish or even a main meal. Many of these are shared across nations, so you must be familiar with some of them. Foods like rice, pasta, oats, grains, lentils, potatoes and yams are all common and it is possible that you even have a few of these in your pantries and cupboards. But we are here to discuss something that you may be unfamiliar with, but once you know, you will not go back.

This is all about our very own Coconut Poundo.

What is Coconut Poundo?

You may be curious as to what Coconut Poundo is. Coconut Poundo or Coconut fufu/swallow is a low carb African dish that is commonly enjoyed alongside soups and stews.

It is similar to fufu that is made from yams, banana and cornmeal; however, it has a sweeter taste and lighter texture making it even more enjoyable and healthy.

How is it made?

Now let us get into how this delicious product is actually made. First a rich coconut flour is created. This is where fresh organic coconuts are scraped out, grounded, milked and thoroughly sun dried to create a gluten free coconut flour that is filled with nutritious fibres. Then another organic oat flour is added to create the wholesome rounded flavour of our Coconut Poundo. Lastly, a natural food thickener that is sourced from the heart of India called psyllium husk is then added to the combination to give it the thick, yet bouncy texture.

Our African Plate Coconut Poundo is handcrafted by specialists in Nigeria and takes roughly 2 Days to create to its delicious standard.

It is clear to see that our Coconut Poundo is made with a lot of depth and love.

What are the health benefits?

Our Coconut Poundo is not just delicious to eat, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits too. Our natural and organic ingredients that go into the mixture are gluten free and rich in fibre. It also only has a net carb rate of only 12, meaning that you can enjoy eating swallow/fufu and not worry about some of the disadvantages that come with eating an excessive amount of carbohydrates.

Coconuts are also high in unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, C, and E. They contain healthy amounts of lauric acid and are full of antioxidants that have anti-viral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

All these things mean that eating our Coconut Poundo will contribute to healthy teeth, bones, hydrated skin, a healthy immune system and even enhancing the process of weight loss.

These health benefits are all too good to miss out on.

Why do people love our Coconut Poundo?

Now there are many reasons why people love our Coconut Poundo. But some of the common reasons are as follows.

  1. Its light and fluffy. Coconut flour is naturally lighter and more absorbent than other flours and so it makes our swallow nice and fluffy.
  2. It is lower in Carbs. Our coconut poundo makes a desirable alternative to starchy staples like yam, eba, amala or regular fufu. It is lower in carbs, so it is healthier and less fattening.
  3. Still filling. Our coconut poundo is still filling like other carbohydrate staples and you will not be left feeling hungry after eating it. The only difference is it does not make you feel heavy or tired afterwards.
  4. It is cheap and easy to make. Our coconut poundo is very affordable and cost effective when thinking of all the goodness you are gaining while consuming it. It is also extremely easy to make. All you have to do is add boiling water and stir until it binds.

Will you be trying our African Plate Coconut Poundo as a healthier alternative to go along with all your favourite soups, stews and pottage dishes?

If the answer is ‘YES’ then make sure to purchase yours here … (P.s. don’t forget to show us your delicious meals on Instagram and twitter)

Thank you for reading!

Love from African Plate.

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