At last, the secret to our Coconut Poundo is finally revealed!

Every culture and its people will have a carbohydrate staple that is immensely popular and common to eat as a side dish or even a main meal. Many of these are shared across nations, so you must be familiar with some of them. Foods like rice, pasta, oats, grains, lentils, potatoes and yams are all […]

January 28, 2022 admin

All About Tilapia:

By Nayana Mena Introduction: What is Tilapia? Tilapia is the name given to a multitude of fish that derive from the species of ‘Cichlid’ fish. They are typically found in freshwater environments which include streams, ponds, rivers and lakes and are known to be plant – eating, which make them even more fresh and delicious […]

December 2, 2021 admin

Beans and Plantain Pottage Recipe

Many legumes are used in cooking throughout Africa.  While the pods of most of them can be eaten when fresh and young as a green vegetable, the vast majority of ‘beans and peas’ are dried.  The most widespread and readily available bean is the cowpea (otherwise known as black eyed peas), of which there are […]

January 30, 2021 admin

Locust Beans (Iru)

Locust Beans are called iru in Yoruba, Eginili Igala in Ibo, Ete Edi Uku in Efik and Kalwa in Hausa.   The fruit of the African locust bean tree has a pulp in which is embedded many small seeds.  The pulp is dried in some areas for addition to soups, rice and cereals.  A drink called […]

January 9, 2021 admin

Chicken Stew Recipe

This easy peasy chicken stew recipe is quick and tasty! Traditional stew made using poultry is just as delicious as the red meat version.  We used boiler chicken for preparing our own, but you could also choose to use the more widely available ‘soft’ chicken that you can buy from all supermarkets and butchers.  If […]

November 7, 2020 admin

Pepper Soup Spice

Nigeria is such a melting pot!  With over 500 different languages being spoken and approximately 250 tribes, it shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that it’s food is as diverse as its people.  One dish that cuts across the various ethnic groups is pepper soup.  This rich and tasty dish also has some medicinal benefits […]

November 1, 2020 admin

Suya Recipe

Our mouths are watering at the thought of tucking into this Nigerian street food favourite to be enjoyed while bonding with family and friends.  Suya also makes for an amazing canape to be served at parties, receptions and weddings.  A sick friend/relative would equally thank you if you went to visit them with a plateful […]

October 26, 2020 admin

Fried Rice Recipe

Some combinations are just classic for a very good reason. We can often be found feasting on chicken, fried rice and dodo for Sunday lunch. Jollof rice might get all the deserved glory, but junior cousin Nigerian Fried Rice is also a winner in the tastes delicious race. Do you agree? ⁠ To Jollof or […]

October 20, 2020 admin

Coconut Rice Recipe

Nigerian food, as traditionally served in restaurants and social gatherings tends to be limited to fried rice and the superior jollof rice.  While we love and appreciate our better known rice dishes, they sometimes become tiresome by virtue of their repeated appearances.  Us human beings tend to shop for and cook a limited number of […]

October 17, 2020 admin

Egusi Soup Recipe

Egusi seeds, a staple of West African cuisine, are a veritable superfood packed with nutritional benefits including being rich in protein, healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties. Egusi (called Ogili in Ibo and Agusi in Hausa) are melon seeds. The fruit of this plant can be eaten raw like cucumber or cooked in soups like marrow. […]

October 6, 2020 admin