Suya Recipe

Our mouths are watering at the thought of tucking into this Nigerian street food favourite to be enjoyed while bonding with family and friends.  Suya also makes for an amazing canape to be served at parties, receptions and weddings.  A sick friend/relative would equally thank you if you went to visit them with a plateful of suya!

One of the major ingredients in the spice used for suya is groundnuts. The quality of protein in groundnuts is more like that of animal protein than most plant foods. They also contain a small amount of carbohydrate, many vitamins and minerals and fifty percent oil, which is primarily unsaturated.

Our premium dry suya spice rub can be used on beef, lamb, goat, fish, as well as mushrooms and other vegetables as it is made with vegan-friendly ingredients. ⁠ The vegan version is equally delicious.  We’ve done the taste test and trust us, even meat eaters will be fighting to get their share of this vegan version of the much loved street food using our Suya Spice blend.

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Give it a try and tantalise your tastebuds.

As always, we like to provide you with easy recipes that will have you smacking your lips in delight.  See below for our suya recipe.


1kg lean beef/lamb/pork

1 teaspoon Salt

2 tablespoon Vegetable Oil

2 tablespoons of African Plate Suya Spice

2 Tomatoes

½ Cucumber

1 Onion

For a vegetarian alternative, the meat could be substituted for mushrooms.


  1. Mix the Suya Spice and salt into the vegetable oil.
  2. Cut the meat into thin (1/2 cm or less) slices or small cubes.
  3. Coat with the suya mixture and leave to marinate for at least 2 hours.
  4. Place the meat on wooden or metal skewers.
  5. Cook over charcoal or under a grill until the suya is well browned on both sides.
  6. Slice and onions, tomatoes and cucumber thinly and sprinkle on top of the cooked suya, along with another tablespoon full of the suya spice.
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