Foods That Make their Way to the Heart!

Foods That Make their Way to the Heart!

What is Valentine’s Day?

There is a common saying that “Food is the way to the heart”, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the need for quality ingredients and romantic food is on the rise. In this blog we will be sharing all of the foods that you will be wanting to try this Valentine’s Day, but before we do, let us talk about what Valentine’s Day actually is…

Originally, Valentine’s Day began as a Christian feast day to honour Saint Valentine and celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. However, throughout the years it has become a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. It is typically a day where people show their appreciation for those that they love. And it can be quite a special and romantic day for many people.

How Do people celebrate it?

During this special day, there are many ways lovers, friends or family members will express their affection. This can include giving gifts that are meaningful or desired, performing nice gestures like treating someone to something special, partaking in activities to make long lasting memories and of course joining for a delicious and memorable meal.

Some people love to go out for a nice meal that they have not had to cook as a nice treat, whereas some people prefer to add a more personal touch by cooking at home. Regardless of whether you decide to eat out or have a hearty home cooked meal, making it delicious is vital.

What foods are commonly eaten on this day?

So, what foods tend to make their way to the heart on this special day.

While this can differ from person to person depending on preferences and what’s easily accessible, foods that are commonly had include Italian dishes like pasta, pizza and risotto to share or even a hearty steak and chips. Thai curry dishes are also immensely popular to eat during Valentine’s Day and our personal African Plate favourite ‘Jollof rice’ accompanied with a chicken of your choice is also commonly appreciated too.

People also tend to indulge in sweet treats and desserts during this occasion and this can look like things such as cupcakes, an assortment of chocolates or candies, chocolate brownies and puddings and even tarts and cheesecakes.

It is fair to say that Valentine’s Day is an extremely exciting occasion with loads of foods to choose from.

(Are some of these dishes familiar? Let us know what your food of love is below in the comments.)

What are some African foods of love?

For those of you that may be seeking or craving a more flavourful and vibrant Valentine’s cuisine then, there are some delicious African foods that are sure to win your Valentine’s heart.

As mentioned previously Jollof rice or even Fried rice is a perfect go-to. It is full of flavour, is bright and warming when consumed and can be quite romantic to share.

Suya is another food that is often overlooked but is perfect for the occasion. It is basically a Nigerian adaptation of a kebab (skewered meat) which is also tasty and sure to set the fiery mood between you and a loved one. Another heart-warming meal could be a soup or stew dish like Egusi, Efo Riro or Okra soup. These will turn up the heat in your relationship for sure.

For a good dessert option, Puff Puffs are definitely a great idea. They are light and fluffy and sweet to the taste.

And finally, for something to snack on, our African Plate ’Crunchies’ are the perfect finger food to get cosy on the sofa with your loved one and nibble on. Again, they are a variety of treats that are sweet, crunchy and even spicy at times which add to your passionate moments.

All these Valentine’s meal ideas that have been mentioned can be enhanced with the herbs and spices available to purchase on our African Plate website, so do not forget to add that special touch.

Whether you decide to spend this Valentine’s Day indoors or whether you choose to go out. Us at African Plate are wishing you an incredibly special day filled with lots of happy moments.

Do not forget to tell us what your Food of love is this time round.

Love from African Plate 🙂

(Written by Nayana Mena)

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