Africa is such a wonderful place with so many intense and rich flavours. It is not uncommon to find unique flavours emerge from each region to ultimately add something a bit different to the cooking pot that is Africa as a whole.

West Africans have an incredibly special type of ingredient for some of the dishes that they create, with most savoury options using this item as a main source of protein and nutrients. That’s right, we’re talking about the humble crayfish, which is packed with protein and nutrients. Dried crayfish (dried shrimp) is used in soups and stews, mainly as a flavouring.

The crayfish itself makes appearances in dishes all over the world, but you will not find it more commonly than in the region of West Africa, where it is incredibly easy to source and very tasty when used correctly.

Generally speaking, you will find that you are going to be producing dishes which are savoury in nature when you use this incredible food source. This is because it is well known for bringing out nothing but the best when it comes to that savoury flavour. In fact, it is considered to be an essential item for many of the traditional dishes in the region.

Small dried crayfish are usually used ground, larger ones can be used whole, after removing the heads, tails and legs. The removed parts can be ground and added to food as well.

We are very much committed to bringing you nothing but the best and that is why we aim to make sure that here at the African Plate, you have the freshest and tastiest crayfish available on the market in Europe.

We source our crayfish from Oron, which is considered to be the best quality.  It is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, ready for you to use as you wish when creating your culinary masterpieces. We also make sure to keep it whole. It means you, the customer, can grind what you need for freshness.

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