Egusi Soup Recipe

At African Plate our mission is to bring you the most authentic, best quality, freshest taste sensations.⁠

Our egusi made from hand peeled melon seeds, sun dried naturally, is purposely kept whole to ensure it reaches you in the freshest state possible. To use simply grind what you need. It might sound like a little bit more effort, but we promise your taste buds will thank you. ⁠

We’ve put together a super easy Egusi Soup recipe below.  Egusi seeds are full of plant protein and this recipe is gluten free and can easily be made vegan by substituting the meat for mushrooms. And with our Coconut Poundo it’s keto and paleo friendly. 😋

You can find the ingredients used here:

Ami Ami spice
Egusi seeds
Locust beans
Coconut Poundo

Share your pictures with us if you make it!


400g Mixed meat (beef, goat, shaki (tripe), cowfoot)

100g African Plate egusi seeds (ground finely)

35ml Palm Oil

1 small onion (chopped into small pieces)

2 scotch bonnet (chopped into small pieces)

170g spinach (chopped)

1 tablespoon salt

1 tablespoon of African Plate Ami Ami Spice

10g African Plate locust beans (pre-soaked in water for 30 minutes)

For a vegetarian alternative, the mixed meat could be substituted for dried mushrooms.


  1. Cut the meat into 3-4cm pieces.  Put in a pot with the salt and Ami Ami spice.  Add water to cover the meat.  Bring to the boil and then cook over a low heat until the meat is tender and little water remains.
  2. Add 200ml of water to the cooked meat to create additional stock.
  3. In a different pot, fry the onion and pepper in the palm oil for 5 minutes. 
  4. Add the ground egusi seeds and fry for another 5 minutes, stirring well.
  5. Add the egusi mixture and the spinach to the meat broth. 
  6. Cook covered for 10 minutes.
  7. Serve with African Plate Coconut Poundo (cooking instructions on the packaging).

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